Every renovation and modification to either interior or exterior of your house requires a building permit. Building Department retains track of work records of your house and makes sure all changes are appropriate and safe to you and others. Most applications must be accompanied by a set of documents and professionally drafted plans. We are not only familiar with permitting process but we also know New York State Building Codes that every house must comply to. We will advise you and walk you through the process in detail. Obtaining a Building Permit may be a long and overwhelming but we are here to help!

Have you received a Notices of Violation or Stop Work Order? CALL US IMMEDIATELY 516-596-7609. 


- Existing Conditions

- Proposed Design Drawings

- Complete Sets of New Construction Drawings (with Architectural seal)

- Space Planning / New Layout Floor Plans

- Demolition Plans

- Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCPs)

- Mechanical and Electrical Plans

- Elevations

- Sections

- New Design Drawings (design purpose only)

- Code Compliant Drawings / Building Violations Removal


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